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(2016-2017, Basel, Switzerland) are dedicated to mobile wound documentation and instant delivering of photos, videos, measurements to the medical record, patients involving.

imitoMeasure (AppStore)

imitoCam (AppStore)

Our team was responsible for all the mobile applications above. Managing the whole mobile department.

  • Developed image processing, wound analysis, parameters evaluation algorithms
  • Created private CocoaPods. Application of Microservice Architecture in iOS environment.
  • Provided full documentation
  • Our core team member was a Scrum Master at all projects

RAD Fitkey
RAD Fitkey

(2015-2016, New York, USA) is a system for measuring, tracking and analyzing human body. The mobile client app relies on a really powerful computer vision implementation for the human body.

Powered by the latest advances in computer vision and machine-learning, RAD turns every smartphone into a zero-cost, medical-grade body scanner. 

Our team has made some input into the Beta version of the iOS application. We've completed the iOS development, improved the networking approach, UI&UX and completed refactoring of the code from Objective-C to Swift.

Cute Cam
Cute Cam

(2014, St. Petersburg, Russia) is the filter and sticker camera photo editor.

The app provides the possibility to add effect themes, add filters, stickers, textures and phrases.

Our team developed the iOS application completely. The app is build over GPUImage framework with a number of customizations and modifications.


Shelfie App
Shelfie App

BitLit (2013, Vancouver, Canada)

The app allowed the user to get an eBook of a printed book the user already owns. Our tasks were to rework the app to completely new design, to create a phonegap plugin of the most valuable functionality. The app used Apache Thrift for server communication.


SearchConcepts (2012-2014, Basel, Switzerland)

SearchConcepts is the investor’s news analyser startup (CoreAnimation, ReactiveCocoa - MVVM, AutoLayout, MapBox, CocoaPods, GitFlow approach). Our team members have developed and deployed first versions of the product, starting from discussions of future functionality and designing the app. The app was reworked to ReactiveCocoa (mvvm) in a team with a Cyclum (http://www.ciklum.com/) expert.